IT Architect & Developer

Software Architecture, IT Network Engineering, Development

Hello, I am Michael Jordan Hrycaj, a computer programmer with more than 20 years project experience based in Cambridge, UK.

In analogy of the ISO/OSI layered model I provide

Vertical IT development services

  • from hardware aware coding
  • including communication stacks (TCP/IP, serial, industry bus)
  • operational systems, business logic, and functional back-end
  • to presentation logic (preferably HTML based)

Orthogonal to that, there is a

Horizontal role view

  • IT architecture and network design
  • development lead
  • implementation and deployment
  • DevOp, SysOp, and testing
  • training

Of course, I do not cover all roles simultaneously but often enough I have a slow start with development or re-factoring. With increasing complexity I will bridge roles, one after another until filled properly. In that sense, my

Ideal Work Profile

  • is to start on a clean table
  • or tuning a project after it passed its zenith (market success, say)
  • without my prior knowledge, so I have the chance of re-thinking
  • and an open approach to new – albeit proven – development methods and technologies

I prefer working with Unix/Linux based cross-development technologies rather than working on a dedicated target system - often Windows variants - solely. This effort pays off quickly by forcing a flexible architecture and different views from compilers and code interpreters for finding bugs and design errors.

While this approach was not common in the 90s, with modern virtualisation tools it becomes ever more convenient as even target debugging can be automated (well, sort of).

Personal background

I am usually just known as Jordan and run my own business as a passionate coder and software developer.

I started professional life with a career as civil servant at the German railways. This was followed by studying maths and later working as digital engineer and researcher at university. I set up my own businesses which I gave up years later when I relocated to Cambridge.

I have revived my consulting business as mjh-IT Ltd. I ran a similar one as a sole trader in Germany named mjh-EDV.

Please get into contact or drop me a message.