IT Architect & Developer


About myself

Hello, I am Michael Jordan Hrycaj, IT architect and computer programmer for 25+ years. I am currently based in Cambridge, UK.

Professional software engineering

  • Embedded, middleware, and operating system development
  • Database and visualisation (mainly web based)
  • Communication stacks (TCP/IP, serial, industry bus)
  • Coding, trouble-shooting and testing
  • IT architecture, network design, programming lead
  • Deployment, DevOp, SysOp, and training

Please see portfolio & cv for details.

Personal background

I started professional life with a career as civil servant at the German railway. This was followed by studying maths and later working as electrical engineer and researcher at university. I set up my own businesses which I gave up years later when I relocated to Cambridge.

In 2015, I have revived my consulting business under the name mjh-IT Ltd reminiscent of the one I ran in Germany then named mjh-EDV.

Please get into contact or drop me a message.