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Software Engineering, Network Architecture, Development

Hi, I am Michael Jordan Hrycaj, an experienced computer programmer based in Cambridge, UK.

If you landed here through an old link you are right, see below.

Here are my specialist areas.

Full Stack Network Developer

  • Ethernet, TCP/IP, WiFi, VoIP, QoS, Serial, IpSEC
  • SIP/STUN/(S)RTP, SMTP/POP/IMAP, TLS, X.509, X.500/Ldap
  • HTTP/S based applications

Full Stack Web Developer

  • HTML/XML/CSS, embedded/hosted/native
  • JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS
  • Imperative, OB/OO, and functional technologies

Background Information

I am usually just known as Jordan. I run my own consulting business as a passionate coder and software developer.

I started professional life with a career as civil servant at the German railways. This was followed by studying maths and later working as digital engineer and researcher at university. I then set up my own business which I gave up years later when I relocated to Cambridge.

I have revived my old business (formerly run in Germany under the name mjh-EDV) again as mjh-IT.

Please get into contact or drop me a message.


Open Source Projects

  • mjh-it (template for this website)
  • SHaT, a captive layer 2 gateway
  • NVRAMD (older, predates the idea of Redis)
  • Nessus (older, co-deveoper)

Other Projects